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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Research on our topic( Our opinion)

In my opinion, I think that using technology to learn is really good. I am glad that our school uses the Learning Device for learning. Not long ago, our school has blocked some websites which are unrelated to school research, of if they contain inappropriate materials.

The web is full of information. In our lessons, we would research on information pertaining to the topic.  Later on, we would post our researched information on a certain website, usually a blog. By doing this, people from all over the world would be able to view our work, and at the same time benefit them. In turn, we can also benefit from the information posted by other people in the world.

According to research,
Students actually like learning with a device. They stated that when learning with a device helps them bond with their family, as there is more family involvement.

research done by Thiha

Video in Detail

-Title, Aim, Current Research Importance, Obstacles

Thiha Htet Zaw Research

Research On Learning with Technology: The Impact of Learning Device on SST students' social behavior.

Learning with Technology: The impact of learning devices on student's social behaviour.

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By Lakshitha, Research Specialist 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Some Research on the problem statement

Recently, a debate has begun over whether in-class laptops aid or hinder learning. While some research demonstrates that laptops can be an important learning tool, anecdotal( not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research) evidence suggests more and more faculty are banning laptops from their classrooms because of perceptions that they(Laptops) distract students and detract from learning. The current research examines the nature of in-class laptop use in a large lecture course and how that use is related to student learning. Students completed weekly surveys of attendance, laptop use, and aspects of the classroom environment. Results showed that students who used laptops in class spent considerable time multitasking and that the laptop use posed a significant distraction to both users and fellow students. Most importantly, the level of laptop use was negatively related to several measures of student learning, including self-reported understanding of course material and overall course performance. 


Beaufort County (South Carolina) School District initiated a new and exciting era for the use of computers in learning. It's cutting-edge initiative provided approximately 300 of the district's sixth graders with their own laptop computers. Unlike computers in traditional instructional settings, these new laptops were intended to be in the constant possession of each sixth grader—in effect, they were replacements for the students' customary three-ring school binders. Each of the laptops included sufficient hardware and software to support word processing, spreadsheets, graphic applications, creation of databases, and electronic communication. Students now had an electronic notebook to use both at school and at home. And with the laptop's modem, students had access to a world of information via the Internet.


Another Interesting article.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Group question

Learning with technology: The impact of learning devices on student's social behaviour.